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    The ABPI MD offers fast, accurate, reliable and simple ankle brachial index (ABI) testing.
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    Satisfies requirements for Medicare benefits schedule item number 11610 - Rebate of $63.75
    $2,995.00 +GST


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  • Symptomatic (exertional leg pain or ulcers)

  • Not symptomatic but aged over 50 with one or more cardiovascular risk factors, or

  • Not symptomatic but aged over 65

There are currently no Australian/New Zealand guidelines for screening for PAD, but a recent review published in Australian Family Physician by the RACGP suggested that in lieu of local guidelines GPs should screen for PAD according to the principles above.*1
The Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) is the gold standard screening tool for identifying PAD. Screening for PAD in at-risk patient groups has traditionally been quite an involved process with particular challenges for the General Practice setting. Older Doppler-based techniques for calculating an ABI are very user-dependent, require specific training, and can take a long time to perform (up to 30 minutes).

This is impractical for most GPs. In a recent survey of 287 Australian GPs, it was found that 58% of GPs do not perform Ankle ABI measurements.*2. The reasons cited for this very low level of PAD screening were lack of equipment, lack of training and skills, and time constraints.

The innovative ABPI MD overcomes these issues, making PAD screening quick, easy and very feasible for doing in General Practice. Once the pressure cuffs are applied, the device performs the ABI test automatically in just a couple of minutes, and provides the calculated ABI measure as well as the full waveform data required for Medicare reimbursement (item number 11610 with $63.75 fee). With no need for special training and no user-variability, the ABPI MD brings accurate, reliable and simple ABI testing to the General Practice setting.

  • Portable, accurate and reliable

  • Eligible for $63.75 Medicare rebate (Item 11610)

  • Simple and easy for anyone to perform an accurate ABI in two minutes

  • Automatic measurements at the press of a button

  • Test brachial and ankle pressures simultaneously

  • Comes with regular size cuffs and PC software

  • Provides PDF report with full waveform which can be printed

  • 3 year warranty on device; 12 months on cuffs and trolley

  • No need for gel or clothes removal

  • No need for rest before testing

  • Can be used for both ABIs and regular arm blood pressure tests

  • Excellent value for money

It also has the following additional options:

* References:
1. Haigh KJ, et al Peripheral Arterial Disease; Screening in General Practice. Australian Family Physician. Volume 42, No.6, June 2013 Pages 391-395
2. Haigh KJ et al. Barriers to screening and diagnosis of peripheral artery disease by general practitioners. Vasc Med. 2013 Dec;18(6):325-30

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