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    OptispecTM Simple, hands-free, compact mounted LED light clips on to vaginal specula for for more

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OptispecTM Gynaecology Light

Utah Medical Products' OptiSpec® Light is a new concept in non-colposcopic illumination of the cervix. An ultra-bright LEDed to provide a pure white light spectrum has been mounted in a small, clip-on disposable package. The result is excellent illumination of the cervix with a device that otherwise seems like it's not even there

  • Compact light easily clips on to most common vaginal specula
  • Unobtrusive configuration remains out of visual and working field
  • Provides a simple, hands-free light that improves visualisation during exams, pap smears, and other directly visualised vaginal procedures
  • Efficient light-emitting diode (LED) provides truer colour visualisation with a light that is whiter than halogen bulbs
Cervical visualisation through a colposcope with a bright white light provides critical visual information with minimal clinician fatigue. However, the use of the colposcope for other everyday exams is impractical

Other methods of cervical illumination emit a dull yellow, low intensity light, and usually require one hand to actively hold the lighting device.

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