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  • Spirometry Filter + Nose Clip

    MADA Spirometry filter - various colours/types + disposable Nose Clip, Vmax & Jaeger, MIR & Vitalopg for more


    $357.00 +GST

    Pack of: 100


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Spirometry Filter + Nose Clip

The 83 series filters by MADA are one of the most effective filters available. A unique, 3D mouthpiece is shaped to fit comfortably in the patients mouth.

With a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.99% as well as a viral filtration efficiency of 99.99%, the MADA 83 series, there isn't another more impressive mouthpiece filter on the market

The easy to use and effective disposable nose clips are medical grade and German made. Foam construction ensures a comfortable fit and the nose clips are supplied in packs of 100 at an incredibly cost effective rate.

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