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Utah Medical Products' electrosurgical electrodes have been optimally designed for the specific requirements of specialised electrosurgery.

The UtahLoop® round loop electrodes include the Safe-T-Gauge® that provides greater loop stability and prevents over-excision of healthy cervical tissue. The 'Y' shaped shaft provides additional loop support and increases visibility during the cutting procedure.

  • SAFE-T-GAUGE® - The UtahLoop® electrodes have the Safe-T-Gauge® which allows the clinician to set the maximum depth of excision, preventing excessive excising of tissue and provides support to the loop wire for greater strength and stability.
  • TUNGSTEN WIRE - All loop and needle electrodes utilise high-grade tungsten wire. Because it retains its mechanical properties at a higher temperature than stainless steel, tungsten maintains better shape and wire integrity throughout the excision procedure.
  • COLOUR CODING - Utah Medical Products' electrosurgical electrodes are individually colour coded to help the clinician easily identify electrode dimensions during selection.
  • DISPOSABLE - All Utah Medical Products' electrosurgical electrodes are single use, disposable. This prevents cross-contamination from patient to patient and ensures the highest level of performance for each procedure.
  • STANDARD DIMENSIONS - Our electrodes all utilise the industry standard 3/32" diameter stainless steel shaft which allows easy connection to standard control pens. In addition, high-dielectric plastic insulation protects the patient and clinician from electric shock and burn.

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