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  • CUR-100
  • EndoCurette Plunger Style

    EndoCurette traditional plunger style
    Item No: CUR-100

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EndoCurette Plunger Style

Endometrial Sampler to Minimize False Negatives, EndoCurrette uses four bowed curetting elements to remove endometrium independent from the orientation of the four elongated sampling ports. This patented configuration is most effective with a single fundus-to-os draw with a twisting motion. EndoCurette obtains robust tissue samples with intact glands and stroma, often providing first-pass definitive diagnosis of abnormal bleeding causes

  • Multi-port tip configuration is designed to obtain a sample representative of a majority of the endometrial surface to improve detection of focal pathology
  • Deliberate fundus-to-os sampling motion prevents patient discomfort and risk of trauma by eliminating repeated fundal contact of tip
  • Tip profile, vacuum plunger, and cannula rigidity provides stiffness that facilitatesion an may help provide access through mildly stenotic cervix
  • Two options available - a traditional plunger style for easy sampling, and a syringe-driven model that maintains suction with aspiration

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