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  • Eurotrode Foam 50mm Solid Gel

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    Pack of: 600
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Eurotrode Foam 50mm Solid Gel

Suitable for any E.C.G. exam, where a long and constant adhesion is needed; for example Stress Test, Holter, Recovery Room, Cardiac Rehab, etc.

  • Disposable pre-gelled ECG electrodes.
  • Dimension: 50mm diameter
  • Gel quality: solid.
  • Base: white foam with protective cap adhesive, hypoallergenic and comfortable.
  • Latex free.
  • Central connection sensor
  • Sensor: Ag/AgCl.
  • Packaging: 60 electrodes per pouch.
  • Compatible with any ECG equipment.
  • Wide storage range temperature.
  • Meets all ANSU/AAMI EC 12:2000 performance specifications.
  • Guarantees fast signal response with low impedance.
  • CE certified and manufactured in accordance with the EEC directive 93/42, EEC 90/385, UNI EN ISO 13485:2003
  • 600 per box

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