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Hospital-level DVT prevention.

Veinoplus DVT is a totally new portable means of additional DVT prevention.

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), is the formation a blood clot (thrombus) in the deep veins. DVT commonly forms of the calf or the thigh and is a medical emergency if they occur. There are several risk factors which can increase DVT risk such as surgery (especially orthopaedic surgery in the lower limbs, urological surgery and neuro-surgery.)


  • Venous stasis removal in the lower limbs.
  • Blood pooling avoidance.
  • Clot/thrombus formation prevention.
  • Acceleration of blood velocity.
  • Physiological action triggering the calf-pump.

When to use VEINOPLUS DVT?

  • High risk of DVT surgeries:orthopaedic surgery, abdominal surgery, neuro-surgery, multiple trauma, etc.
  • High-risk patients: cancer patients, history of past DVT, overweight, long immobilisation, inherited clotting disorder, elderly, etc.

How to use

Use daily, preferably at the end of the day, or whenever there are symptoms. For most conditions once daily is enough, although the more you use the Veinoplus®, the most effective it is. Each treatment lasts for 180 minutes and the device stops automatically. You can have several sessions in a row. There is no minimum rest time between sessions.

It is safe for pregnant women.

The Veinoplus® device comes packaged with two pairs of electrode pads and a connecting cable, a replaceable 9V battery, a soft carry case, and a lanyard.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People with implanted cardiac pacemakers or implanted defibrillators must not use this device. Clinical references available on request

Disclaimer: The use of Veinoplus® does not replace treatment nor hygiene and dietary rules (eg walking, smoking cessation, etc).

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