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  • Anti-Aging ATX-NAT refill Kit

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Anti-Aging ATX-NAT refill kit


  • Anti-Aging
  • Thin Lines to Deep Wrinkles
  • Oxidised Skin
  • Younger Skin Preservation
  • Alternative to botulinum toxin A injections
  • Prolonging the effects of botulinum toxin A

Recommended Protocols

  • Face
  • Chin, Neck and Decollete
  • Lips Barcode
  • Eye Contour Lines

Main Active Ingredients

  • Argireline
    It is a peptide made of 6 amino acids that has a very similar activity to that of botulinum toxin A. The Argireline is used in the ATX-NAT Solution for its ability to reduce deep wrinkles. It has a superior safety profile compared to botulinum toxin A, that, unlike Argireline, irrevocably breaks the SNAP-25 protein, impeding the creation of the SHARE complex and consequently paralysing the muscle.
  • Betaine
    Betaine (TMG) is an organic compound that is commonly found in plants and has the ability to modulate effects of hyperosmolarity on cell functions. Betaines are used for protection against osmotic stress, drought, high salinity or high temperature. Intracellular accumulation of betaines, permits water retention in cells, thus protecting from the effects of dehydration. Betaine also increases the cell membrane fluidity, facilitating the absorption of nutrients in the cell.

The Effectiveness of ATX-NAT, Proven by Research

A research on the ATX-NAT, conducted in the University of Pavia in 2013, included a panel test of 20 females, with ages ranging between 30 and 60 years, who received 6 treatments twice a week of ATX-NAT infused with the Jet Technology, had shown:

  • Skin brightness improved in 100% of the patients
  • Visibility of macro-wrinkles deceased in 78%
  • Skin softness improved in 78%
  • Skin elasticity improved by 18% after 6 treatments (instrumental measurement)
  • Skin moisturization improved by 14% after 6 treatments (instrumental measurement)
  • Wrinkles volume deceased by 21% (instrumental measurement)
  • Wrinkles Depth decreased by 11% (instrumental measurement)
  • Wrinkles surface decreases by 13% after 6 treatments (instrumental measurement)
  • Skin compactness improved by 19% after 6 treatments (instrumental measurement)

Use and Action

Since it is based on Argireline, ATX-NAT''s effect is very similar to botulinum toxin A action. But, instead of paralysing the muscles, like botulinum toxin A does, it actually relaxes them in a natural way. The result is a more firm skin and a subsequent improvement of lines and wrinkles. ATX-NAT is recommended to treat oxydised skin, as an alternative to botulinum toxin A injections or possibly, to prolong its effect. It is also an excellent product for younger skin prevention.

It is highly recommended to infuse the ATX-NAT using the special 3 nozzles "Prestige" handpiece, especially designed for ATX-NAT single use vials, for maximum effect, comfortable handling, and to minimise any waste.

Refill kit contains 6 single use vials. Each vial contains 4ml.

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