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  • Electrode Extender, Curve

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DXTender Electrode Extenders, Curve

Cervical depth can vary among patients. LETZ® electrode lengths that are appropriate for one patient will be insufficient to reach another patient's cervix. A traditional straight extender can provide adequate reach, but the additional length may cause hand pencil interference with the colposcope body.

Utah Medical's DXTender® electrosurgical electrode extenders are specially configured to provide positive tactility during the loop excision, yet keep the hand and pencil away from the colposcope and view axis.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Re-positions hand and pencil away from colposcope and view axis.
  • The design of the extender maintains the tactility of a straight electrode by aligning the loop electrode with the pencil's central axis. This eliminates lateral force on the electrode which would cause torque and result in slippage of the extender in the pencil.
  • Creates additional reach for patients with a deeper cervix.

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