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  • Whitening - Complex 1

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Whitening - Complex 1

  • Stay-C Vitamin
  • Bio-White


  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun and Age Spots
  • Acne and Oily skin
  • Brightens the Skin Uniformly

Recommended Protocols

  • Face
  • Chin, Neck and Decollete
  • Hands

Main Active Ingredients

  • Stay C- Vitamin - Whitening Complex 1 contains a high concentration of the registered "Stay C- Vitamin", a stable Vitamin C that is resistant to oxidation.
  • Bio-White - The registered "Bio-White" included in the formula is a compound of natural whitening extracts: Lemon Balm, Achillea, Grapevine, Blackberry and Skullcap. Crowberry extract and Liquorice further enhance whitening and help against redness effects.

Use and Action

Containing innovative and very strong whitening ingredients and acting as a colour pigment inhibitor, the infusion of the Whitening Complex 1 with the Jet Technology immediately achieves the desired effect of a brighter, more uniform skin tone which improves session by session. It effectively removes sun and age spots as well as spots resulting from scars. The "Stay C - Vitamin" achieves a uniform bright complexion. For best results, the infusion of Whitening Complex 1 should be preceded by exfoliation using Gycolic Acid (Renewal Complex 1 or 3) or, for more sensitive skin, using Mandelic Acid (Renewal Complex 2)

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