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  • psi_6fr23_018NT7
  • 6Fr Micro-access kit 23cm

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Merit Medical 6Fr Micro-access kit 23cm

As an important member of Merit''s innovative products, the Prelude® Radial sheath introducers provide excellent transitions for easy and smooth access to your patient. The micro guide wire and Merit Advance® needle assist in atraumatice entry into delicate vasculature, enhancing access for both the patient and clinician.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent transitions: help facilitate smooth insertion into vessel.
  • Haemostasis valve: minimises blood leakage during procedure.
  • Colour-coded hubs: match standard French sizing for easy identification.
  • Snap fit dilator- Eliminates slipping during insertion. Easy to grasp surface with an audible snap.
  • Rotation suture ring: Rotates around device. Smooth surface. Large suture opening
  • Three-way stopcock: Easy to grip handle facilitates flush and aspiration
  • Holster: Keeps all components secure, especially guide wire. Components can be flushed while in the holster.

Product specifications

  • Guide wire diameter: 0.018"
  • Guide wire length: 80cm
  • Wire description: Mandrel
  • Tip Configuration: Angled floppy tip
  • Guide wire material: Nitinol core
  • Needle gauge: 21G
  • Dilator length: 28cm
  • Max guide wire accepted by dilator: 0.018"
  • Hub colour: Green

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