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  • Ten20-paste
  • TEN 20 PASTE 8oz Jar

    With the right balance between adhesion and conductivity, the Ten20 EEG Conductive Paste is a reliab for more

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TEN 20 PASTE 8oz Jar

Ten20 Conductive EEG Paste enables efficient and effective testing due to the right balance of adhesiveness and conductivity that will ensure eletrodes remain in place while transmitting clear electrical signals.

Optimal conductivity allow effective transmittance of electrical signals and ensure clear results, while the ideal adhesiveness will reduce the need to re-position dropped or moved eletrodes, improving efficiency of work-flow processes.

Ten20 Conductive EEG Paste has been specifically formulated for use with non-disposable neurodiagnostic electrodes. It is uniquely washable and non-drying formula that is easy to clean up and apprciated by technologists and patients alike.

Reliable and effective, Ten20 Conductive EEG Paste comes in an economical, cost-effective box of 3 x 80z Jars.

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